FREE SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Full Course 2022

SAP analytics cloud is your one simple cloud solution that connects people, information and ideas.

SAP Analytics cloud consultants have a lot of demand in the market right now and if you want to begin SAP Analytics Cloud you have some to the right place.

The best way to do something really well is to actually do it

My name is Sonam I am a certified SAP Analytics Cloud consultant and I invite you to come with me through this journey where we will build a dashboard from scratch.

I have carefully designed this course where we go building a dashboard beginning from the data to the final polished dashboard. And explore each and every tool and functionality of sap analytics cloud on the way of getting valuable insights from that data.

This course will prepare you for BI Analytics

Beginning from importing data into SAP Analytics Cloud,

Then learning how to wrangle the data by using modeler, refining and enriching our data.

Building stories and use all the features of story builder and the charts. Using calculations, input controls and many more advanced features

And finishing up with designing the story look and feel at the end.

See you in the course. Happy Learning!

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