Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH)

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Cisco Courses Free

Cisco Courses Free

Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) . this course  It enables you to perform the conceptual, intermediate, and detailed design of a network infrastructure that supports desired network solutions over intelligent network services to achieve effective performance, scalability, and availability. It also enables you to provide viable, stable enterprise internet working solutions by applying solid Cisco network solution models and recommended design practices.

By this course  for Cisco Internet work Solutions (DESGN)  course, you learn additional aspects of modular campus design, advanced addressing and routing designs, WAN service designs, enterprise data center, and security designs.

After completion of this course delegates should be able to:

  • Design enterprise connectivity and high-availability

  • Design enterprise BGP connectivity

  • Design enterprise WAN connectivity

  • Design enterprise data center integration

  • Design security services in an enterprise network

  • Design QoS for optimized user experience

  • Design enterprise transition to IPv6

  • Design enterprise multicast networ

this course cover these Topics

Enterprise Connectivity and High-Availability

  • EIGRP Design Considerations

  • OSPF Design Considerations

  • IS-IS Design Considerations

  • Challenge 1: Design Enterprise Connectivity

BGP Design

Wide Area Networks Design

  • Service Provider Managed VPNs

  • Enterprise Managed VPNs

  • WAN Resiliency Design

  • Campus Edge and Connectivity to Partners

  • Challenge 3: Design Resilient Enterprise WAN

  • SDN and APIC-EM

Enterprise Data Center Integration

  • Modular and Scalable Data Center Network

  • Multi-Tenant Data Center

  • Data Center Interconnections

  • Data Center Traffic Flows

  • SDN and APIC-DC

  • Challenge 4: Design Enterprise Data Center Connectivity

Design Security Services

  • Security Services Overview

  • Designing Infrastructure Protection

  • Designing Firewall and IPS Solutions

  • Designing Network Access Control Solutions

  • Challenge 5: Design Secure Enterprise Network

Design QoS for Optimized User Experience

Transition to IPv6

IP Multicast Design

  • Defining Multicast Distribution Trees and Forwarding

  • Introducing PIM-SM Protocol and PIM-SM Enhancements

  • Rendezvous Point Distribution Solutions

  • IP Multicast Security

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