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Character Animations – Auto Rig Pose to Pose Animations

Learn the core fundamentals Houdini Auto Rig and animations in Houdini . This course will quickly get you started.Character Animation Courses

Character Animations - Auto Rig Pose to Pose Animations

Character Animation Courses

What you’ll learn
Deep understanding Auto Rig
Create your own Character Picker
Create your own Pose Library
learn Pose to Pose Animations
understanding Houdini Rig Structure
Houdini character skeleton system and posing
Houdini 17 or Later You can the free Houdini apprentice from sidefx Houdini site

This video based Character Animations  course teaches you the basic tools you will need to Auto rig character and get animatons.

my name is MC Johnny i am technical director for digital extreme and also uses Houdini for my business, creating graphics solutions for TV, film, games and businesses.

Am going to to use my experience to show you how to actually use Houdini Auto Rig and create some cool animations.

You will start with Auto Rig using the auto rig panel to setup Auto Rig to generate our full function rig and controllers.

you will move on creating your own character picker , Pose library and Animation library which will lead us to creating

pose to pose animation. you will learn how to use houdini plugin inbetween , animation editor and more.

When you have completed this  course for Character Animation, you will understand the Auto Rig System and Houdini rig structure

allowing you to create all kinda of animations for your projects

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