BE YOUR OWN THERAPIST–IN 50 MINUTES teaches how to use your own life story and just a few natural supplements to defeat depression, anxiety and many other forms of psychological suffering. 

Students learn how to identify the roots of their psychological/mental pain and, by gaining deep insight into their personal development, how to stop it.  The course begins with explaining what the universal cause of most depression, anxiety and other psychological suffering really is–unexplored and misunderstood parts of a person’s own life story.  It goes on to explain how to find the particular events, relationships and patterns a person lived through that started all the trouble. 

Getting to the underlying cause–the real meaning of one’s low mood or anxiety or fractured relationships or low self-esteem–is the first step.  That process of self-discovery also reveals empowerment keys that can change the way a person thinks about themselves, their lives and their futures.  These keys unlock new understandings that automatically relieve the stress causing low mood and anxiety and to free up energy to start living much more happy and powerful chapters of one’s life story. 

Students will also learn the special role of brain inflammation in causing psychological pain, and how to reverse it using natural supplements.

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