AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Practice Exams

What you’ll learn


The exam preparation practice contain 6 exams :

  • Microsoft Az-900 Exam Practice 1

  • Microsoft Az-900 Exam Practice 2

  • Microsoft Az-900 Exam Practice 3

  • Microsoft Az-900 Exam Practice 4

  • Microsoft Az-900 Exam Practice 5

  • Microsoft Az-900 Exam Practice 6

After your finish the practice exams,

You will have an idea how does the questions will be in the exam, Very similar to the real exam.

This course will test your knowledge about the Azure compute, policies, resources and locks.

The course will prepare your in a real time and live exam.

The more practice the more your  are confident to do the exam.

Each question in each module has some explanation.

Note :

  1. Don’t memorize answers , the best way is to understand the question.

  2.  If you solve any question wrong , go for the explanation and take a look in the links under the explanation what information you missed while you are solving the question.

  3. If you solve all the questions and pass the exams, then understand your mistakes if you have any  , You will pass the real exam from first trial.

Good Luck 🙂


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